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Awana Theme Nights, Awana Games, and Children’s Ministry

Awana Theme Nights

Awana. It is right around the corner. For my church, it is coming next Wednesday. (Yikes!) And with the kickoff of Awana games and children’s ministry in general, that means it’s time to outline our Awana Theme Nights.

And that means loads of fun!

Awana is a wonderful ministry that gives children the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ and God’s holy Word, as well as playing games, having fun with other kids, and creating memories to last a lifetime.Continue Reading

Christian Pick Up Lines (Part 2)

Christian Pick Up Lines (Mount Gilead)

One of my most popular articles here on Crazy About Church was the one I wrote on Christian Pick Up Lines (click here to read that post). It gets well over 100 unique readers every day from Google searches alone. Since this is the case, I've decided … Continue Reading

What If God Hired A Search Committee To Find His Prophets, Apostles and Pastors?

what if God

What if God hired a search committee to find pastors like churches today do to find pastors? Maybe the results would come back like the following? Search Committee Report: The following is a confidential report on several candidates being … Continue Reading

Pre-Conversion Sins And Your Pastor: What Does The Bible Say About it?

what does the bible say about

Do pre-conversion sins (sins committed before you're saved) matter in this life? Do our sins follow into eternity or have any implications for this life today, or is the slate wiped clean once we're saved? What does the Bible say about … Continue Reading

An Elevator Pitch For Your Church (Guest Post at

elevator pitch

There are about 50,000,000 things that can happen in and around the church to accelerate ministry and encourage the brethren. The challenge is to focus on that which is most needed and will prove to be most beneficial in the end. What should you … Continue Reading

Baptism: What Does The Bible Say About It?

what does the bible say about baptism

I became the senior pastor of Faith Baptist Church just a few months ago. There are lots of exciting challenges and victories in pastoral ministry. One of the problems I don't mind ever having too many of is a mass of believers who want to get … Continue Reading

Dying For The Glory Of God

the glory of god

When you woke up this morning, what did you do? Did you eat any breakfast? Maybe go to the gym? Hug your children? Go to work? Shoot some basketball? Take a walk? What did you do? Whatever you did, however, I assume you probably didn't … Continue Reading